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It's been an amazing last few months at Bogus HQ. We've built a new website, redesigned our logos, and updated all our branding giving the business a fresh and relevant design. We've always believed in delivering an exciting and engaging live show and decided it was now time we replicated this off-stage.

Take a look at the new logo below:

On the new site you'll find all the relevant information you need to book the band and also a host of new images and audio to satisfy your Bogus Brothers obsession! In addition to this, we've created a 'Store' where all our music and merchandise can be located and purchased.

Things are certainly moving fast within the entertainment industry and we are dedicated to maintaining the high level of excellence that we are known for and built our reputation on.

Have a look around the website and let us know your thoughts, either by the contact page or by our Facebook page.


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